Who we are

OmegaChain Information Technology LLC is a software company based in Dubai that develops blockchain-based solutions and services using BSV. We founded OmegaChain in 2020 and registered the company in 2022. Currently, it holds the intellectual property rights of Koalament, Upfile, Zixo, and Bitails projects.

UpFile is a simple service that works as a gateway to store data on blockchain or IPFS in a plain or encrypted format. UpFile focuses on simplicity and privacy. To achieve these goals, UpFile has no login system, it doesn't bind you to use a specific wallet, and it doesn't and won't store any of your data(IP, system info, etc.). The only requirement to use UpFile is to have some BSV to pay for the transaction! Visit website

Koalament is a platform that started as an extension but expanded its single product to three individual yet related ones called Koalament extension, Koalament embedded, and Koalament Directory. Each of them is to address different issues or add values to the commenting world. Currently, the Koalament Extension is available to use, and the other two will be released soon. Visit website

Bitails is a gateway that allows developers to connect to the BSV blockchain. In Bitails, like any other similar services, users can query the service and receive their desired data from its API. The core value of Bitails is the capability of handling big blocks. By using Bitails, developers do not need to worry about the effect of block size on their systems in the future. Visit website

Zixo is a micropayment-friendly web wallet for Bitcoin SV, which has a different approach comparing to other wallets. Zixo is a Non-Custodial and decentralized wallet and offers total control of the assets to the users. Visit website

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Email: [email protected] Postal Address: 201-045, Trade Center 1, Dubai, UAE.


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